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Funded Research Projects

Here is the list of the research projects granted by the Eye Disease Foundation in the last decade :




Dr Jean-Marie Hanssens, OD, PhD
Professeur adjoint, optometry school University of Montreal

  • Buying of a device to analyse ophtalmic lenses
  • Grant for a student working on this project

20 000 $

Dre Élodie Boisselier, PhD
Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec
Saint-sacrement hospital

  • Seed money for a new researcher (Dr Élodie Boisselier)

30 000 $

Dr Vincent Pernet, PhD
Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec
Saint-Sacrement hospital

  • Seed money for a new researcher (Dr Vincent Pernet)

20 000 $

Dre Judith Renaud, O.D., PhD

Optometry school

University of Montreal

  • To assess the impact of Age-Related Retina Degeneration (ARRD) on driving ability and determine which visual and perceptive defects are associated to driving ability in these patients
  • Development of training tools and compensatory strategies for these patients in order to make their driving more safe

20 000 $

Dr Dan Bergeron, MD, FRCSC

(in charge of the ocular oncology clinic in Quebec City)

Centre Universitaire d'ophtalmologie

St-Sacrement hospital, CHU de Québec

  • To give training on ocular melanoma to clinical staff working at the ocular oncology clinic in Quebec City
  • Development of new tools to improve clinical health care quality

20 000 $

Constance Barry Marcheterre (graduated student under supervision of Dr Solange Landreville, Ophtalmology department, Laval University)

  • Grant for a master project aiming improvement of knowledge on uveal melanoma, its spreading and resistance to treatment

5 000 $

Dre Patricia-Ann Laughrea, ophthalmologist, and medical director at Banque d'yeux (Centre universitaire d'ophtalmologie de Québec) Grant for a reserch projet on viral cultures on corneal cells 2,500$

Dre Solange Landreville, PhD, associated professor, Laval University


Research project on ocular melanoma 


20,000 $



Dre Mona Harissi-Dagher, MD, FRCSC, DABO Clinical assistant professor, Ophthalmology department, University of Montreal Prevalence and impact of glaucoma on visual readaptation following implantation of Boston type 1 Keratoprosthesis.

Boston type 1 Keratoprosthesis surgery: use of a support composed of fresh or thawed cornea grafts.

30,000 $

Dr Christian Salesse, Research Director, Ophthalmology department, Laval University

Seed money for a new researcher, Dr Patrick Rochette (renewed for a 2nd year).

40,000 $ (1st year)
30,000 $ (2nd year)

Jacques Gresset, OD, PhD, Director and professor, tenured professor of the Optometry school, University of Montreal

Purchase of an imagery system to help research work for two researchers.

Use of the look follower FACELAB-4.

30,000 $

40,000 $

Dr Achim, CHUL Research center

Grant for resident for a research project on glaucoma.

2,500 $

Dr Duguay, CHUL Research center

Grant for resident for a research project on glaucoma.

2,500 $

Dr Michelle Mc Kerral, University of Montreal

Visual perception deficits in children after mild traumatic brain injury: psychophysics, electrophysiology and impact on postural stability.

20,000 $

Dr Dave St-Amour, University of Montreal

Visual neurotoxicity associated to vigabatrin in children: new approach to distinguish the integrity of central and peripheral visual field

Assessment of visual functions in children treated for amblyopia with or without visual deprivation

15,000 $

10,000 $

Dr Michael Kapusta, McGill University Research center

Distorsion of Visual Space in Patients with Central or peripheral Field Loss: Evidence for Cortical Re-Organization

The Detection and Quantification of Metamorphopsia of Retinal Disease in the Clinical Context

15,000 $

10,000 $

Dr Christian Casanova, Optometry school, University of Montreal

Endocannabinoids in the visual function, a new pharmacological target.

15,000 $

Dr Vincent Raymond, CHUL Research Center

Research on Stargardt disease (juvenile macular degeneration)

Carrier gene for the Stargardt disease

Molecular genetics of age-related macular degeneration

25,000 $

55,500 $ over 4 years

22,500 $

Dr Mark Lesk, Research center of the Maisonneuve Rosemont hospital

Bevacizumab (Avastin) intravitreal injections: effects on retinal blood flow in patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration

20,000 $

Dr Marc Hébert, CHUL Research Center

Study of retinal function by multifocal ERG after peeling of inner limiting membrane using Indocyanine green or Trypan blue in patients with macular hole

Use of a new anti-vegf treatment

20,000 $


25,000 $

Dr Richard Bazin, CHUL Research Center

Factors responsible for damages in the corneal endothelium during cataract surgery

10,000 $

Dr Patrick Hamel, University of Montreal

Development of training tools on the most frequent eye diseases

25,000 $

CHUL Research center - Ophthalmology research unit

Support to clinical research (miscellaneous projects)

50,000 $