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Organizing a Fundraising Event

You can bring your contribution to research on eye diseases by organizing a fundraising activity. Here are some examples of activities:

  • Benefit dinner / brunch
  • Hockey tournament
  • Fashion show
  • Flea market
  • Sportive challenge

Now few tips on how to proceed:

  1. Set up an organizing committee. Surround yourself with enthusiastic and dynamic people, it's the key to success! Organizing a benefit activity requires time and energy so remember to find enough volunteers to handle all the tasks.
  2. Set yourself a realistic and easily measurable financial goal.
  3. Set aside some time for a brain-storming session. Reunite all the members of your organizing committee and let your imagination run wild.
  4. Pick an appropriate activity. To mix success and pleasure, select a project that corresponds with the particular talents and interests of the members on your committee.
  5. Identify your public. Who is your target audience? Who will be interested in your activity? Who will participate?
  6. Set an appropriate date. Pick a date that is convenient for your committee as well as those you wish to interest in the activity.
  7. Determine a budget. The more you can reduce your expenses by getting sponsors, the more revenues you can generate. We will give you a letter of authorization to solicit sponsors and/or donations for the organization of your activity.
  8. Promote your activity. Once you have a green light to go ahead with the benefit activity, the Eye Disease Foundation will permit the use of our name and logo. However, you must absolutely submit for approval the promotional publicity before it can be printed or distributed.
  9. Collect the funds. All funds generated by your activity must be remitted to the Eye Disease Foundation within fifteen (15) days following the last day of your activity. Certain rules apply in regards to the issuance of income tax receipts. Before confirming anything with your donators or participants, you need the approval of the authorized personnel at the Eye Disease Foundation.
  10. Say thank you! Thank all those who contributed to the success of your activity. Be sure to inform them of the amounts collected and of the success your activity generated.

THANK YOU for your support !