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Promotion of visual health

Organ and tissue donation - raising awareness


One of the main objectives of the Eye Disease Foundation is to fund research and promote interest for it in order to help preventing eye diseases and blindness. The Foundation provides researchers with the necessary financing to perform their research, as it is the only one in Quebec that dedicates all its financial resources to research on eye disease. It is officially recognized by the Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec (FRSQ) and by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), two organizations that fund research in all medical fields in Quebec and Canada.

Promotion of visual health

More than 80% of learning in children is possible through what they can see. Therefore, parents must assure that their children have a good vision so they can learn properly in school. If a kid does not see correctly, he will probably never complain about it, especially if the visual defect is inborn or acquired in the first years of life. Because they are not aware that they do not see well, children suffering from vision problems are not fully functional in school and in sports. As a result, they think they are not good and are frequently rejected by other kids. Their self-esteem can also be greatly affected.

The Eye Disease Foundation is proud of its Join and see program, which aims to perform visual screening in less well-off elementary schools from the province. Thanks to the collaboration of partners from the optic industry, we can offer free glasses to children in needs and issued from families who cannot afford to pay for it.

Organ and tissue donation - raising awareness

As part of its promoting and fundraising activities, the Eye Disease Foundation distributes pamphlets to inform population and raise awareness about organ and tissue donation.

The Foundation works with several organisms to achieve this objective:

La Chambre des notaires du Québec :
It is now possible to indicate the will to give its tissues and organs in one's testament.

La Banque d'yeux (Eye Bank):
The goal of the banque d'yeux is to make sight recovery possible. They transplant cornea grafts in patients suffering from illnesses affecting cornea.

Québec Transplant :
Since many years, Québec-Transplant regularly refers to tissue banks, as an organ donor (heart, liver, lung, ...) can also be a tissue donor (cornea, skin, tendons, ...).

Héma-Québec :
Héma-Québec is responsible for the coordination between tissue donation and management of the tissue bank (sampling, transformation, conservation and tissue distribution for graft purposes).