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Join and See Program

You are the principal of an elementary school ?

Partners in this program

We would like to thank all the participating clinics for 2015 tour

History of the program

You are the principal of an elementary school ? You would like to hold an eyesight screening activity?

Call the Foundation at 1-877-654-0835 to tell us about your interest. The next step is to verify the eligibility of your school to the Join and see program (determined by data from the Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et des Sports). If your school is indeed eligible, we will set with you a suitable date to hold an eyesight screening activity. According to the number of requests, we may be able to go forward in concretizing this activity.

Partners in this program:

Official 2016 sponsor:


Other partners:




Thank you to all the participating clinics for 2015 tour !

Opto-Plus Clinique optométrique Drummondville
Opto-Plus Clinique optométrique de St-Hyacinthe
Opto-Réseau - Centre visuel Mont-St-Hilaire
Clinique visuelle Voir (Laval)
Centre visuel Victoria (Lachine)
Lunetterie Corbeil (Montréal)
Optique Céline (Laval)
Lunetterie NewLook (succursales Place Versailles, Centre commercial le Boulevard (Montreal), Boulevard Newman (Lasalle), Sainte-Catherine (Montreal), Drummondville, Place Fleur-de-lys (Quebec City), St-Hyacinthe, Granby)
Globe Vision (St-Hyacinthe)
Centre opto Granby
Clinique optométrique Fabreville (Laval)
Clinique visuelle Francine Jarry (Laval)
Centre visuel de Montréal-Nord
Clinique universitaire de la vision - École d'optométrie (Montréal)

Thank you to every optometrist who attended the visual screening clinics:

Sylvie Marcotte, Patricia Sorya, Van Loc Tran, Louise Mathers, Marie-Hélène Boisvert, Rodrigue Roy, Blandine Sonnier, Aviva Masella, Nelly Hanna, Thi Yen Vo, Danielle Hardy, Élaine C´┐Żté, Annie Doré, Darkise Richard, Josée Lemire, Micheline Desmarais, Marie-Andrée Gibeau, Annabelle Dufour, Annie Dionne, Serge Paquet, Martine Gagnon, Fernand Laflamme, Nadine Palardy et Claudine Greendale.

History of the program

Rather than investing in a large scale publicity campaign to promote vision screening, we have decided to take actions to spread our message. Many people, including children, needs glasses and this is why the Join and see program was created. With the support of many partners, we visited several elementary schools over the whole province in order to perform eyesight screening tests.

Thanks to collaborators such as Essilor Canada, Transitions Optical, Ronor International, NewLook Eyewear and l'Ordre des Optométristes du Québec, the Eye Disease Foundation can provide a financial support covering fees to make glasses for children in need. This support is approximately 460 $ and covers both frame and lenses. Partners from the optic milieu commit to give lenses (Essilor Canada, Transitions Optical) or frames (Ronor International) in each town targeted by this program. As for optometrists, they engage in respecting the gift certificate and the choice of frames provided by the partners, and in sending prescription to the optic laboratory so they can make the glasses as soon as possible. Therefore, we are giving children a chance to better see and keep their good sight when they are grown-ups. By this gesture, we hope to create the good habit of having an annual visual examination.

Schools targeted by the program are referred by school boards who evaluate which ones could benefit the most from the program. When the school accepts to participate, an authorization letter is sent to parents to get their consent so their children can have an eyesight screening. At that moment, they may ask for a financial help to have a free pair of glasses, if there is a need of. The school principal grants or refuses the parent requests according to their current financial situation.

The Foundation collaborates with l'Ordre des optométristes du Québec who chose four (4) screening tests in addition to texts necessary to perform eyesight screening. Moreover, this order helps in recruiting optometrists willing to volunteer in the program in each visited area. Therefore, every screening is supervised by professional optometrists.

Few statistics :

  • More than 22,000 children were screened
  • More than 9,500 children were referred for a complete visual examination
  • More than 5,000 pair of glasses were provided to kids
  • 68 towns were visited
  • 16 areas were visited
  • 184 schools welcomed this project
  • More than 58,000 families in the province saw their awareness for eyesight screening increased

Our Join and see tour in schools of the province showed us how relevant was our involvement, as more than 5,000 kids received a free pair of glasses since creation of the program in 2006. Many parents and teachers told us that following our visit, the school marks of several children were dramatically increased. By improving eyesight, a simple pair of glasses may prevent the child from being behind at school, and eventually avoid him/her dropping out of school.